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  • Holiday Chic

    From: $79.95

    A mix of elegant blossoms such as roses, orchids and hydrangea in shades of bold red and pale green is…

  • Christmas Blush Bouquet

    From: $52.95

    Have yourself a modern little Christmas with red roses and white alstroemeria in a charmingly contemporary silver cube. After the…

  • Winter Glow

    From: $49.95

    Don't let a lack of space dampen your spirits! This "tree" made of holiday greens, festive ornaments and ribbon will…

Tropical Collection

  • The FTD® Defining Moments™ Luxury Bouquet


    This is simplicity at its finest. Succulents are everyone's new favorite garden adornment and bring a trend forward styling to…

  • Green with Envy

    From: $65.95

    A luxurious all-green arrangement of chartreuse cymbidium orchids and carnations, accented with mixed greenery and presented in a tall kiwi…

  • Island Blooms

    From: $82.95

    On a tropical island, fragrant roses bloom side-by-side with orchids and a range of exotic and beautiful blossoms. And the…

  • The FTD® Evening Glamour™ Luxury Bouquet


    Artisan designed and arranged to delight the senses, this floral arrangement flaunts a deep, rich color palette that makes it…

  • The FTD® Luminous™ Luxury Bouquet


    Let your sweet sentiments shine with vibrant color and exuberant elegance. An assortment of brilliant dendrobium orchids in the shades…

  • Tropical Bliss

    From: $87.95

    Now this is bliss! This tropical and tasteful creation is a beautiful and dramatic way to say something wonderful without…

Luxury Collection

  • Hot Couture

    From: $123.95

    Indulge in floral couture? send the season's most fashionable bouquet! An elegant mix of dahlias, peonies, roses and orchids in…

  • Lush and Lovely

    From: $127.95

    "Lush and lovely" might seem like a bit of an understatement when gazing at this incredible arrangement of luxurious flowers…

  • Yellow Garden Rows

    From: $124.95

    These yellow flowers, expressing their warmth at several elevations, will also show off your elevated sense of style. Perfect for…

  • The FTD® Perfect Bliss™ Luxury Bouquet


    A symphony of color and texture, this floral arrangement is both tasteful and playful. Bringing together pink, jade green, and…

  • Springtime in Paris

    From: $122.95

    Does someone you love dream in French? Do they hum "Springtime in Paris" in the shower? Then this romantic gift…

  • The FTD® Intrigue Luxury Bouquet


    Capture their attention with blushing beauty and undeniable charm. Exquisite pink Oriental lilies and pink Asiatic lilies stretch their large…


  • Be Sweet Bouquet

    From: $52.95

    Nothing's too sweet for the sweetest woman in the world. Surprise her with a delightfully dainty bouquet featuring delicate lavender…

  • Summertime Splash

    From: $49.95

    Make a summertime splash with this pop art mix of yellow, hot pink, orange and green blossoms, presented in a…

  • Close to Your Heart

    From: $59.95

    Show someone they're close to your heart. Send them this blushing mix of pink roses and pink and lavender blossoms…

  • Blazing Sunshine

    From: $74.95

    Whether you want to light up someone's world or brighten their day, this brilliant arrangement will do just that. Sunflowers,…

  • Happy Birthday Present

    From: $62.95

    Wish someone the best birthday ever with a shiny, colorful mylar balloon proclaiming, "Happy Birthday!" accompanied by a gift-wrapped bouquet…

  • Asiatic Lilies

    From: $52.95

    With their bright sunny look and color, these lilies are the perfect way to make anyone a little happier. Orange…

  • A Dozen Lavender Roses

    From: $64.99

    Adoration and enchantment, with a dash of regal majesty - the lavender rose says it all. With tone-on-tone accents, this…

  • Gracious Curve

    From: $154.95

    Curly willow embraces artful flowers, creating a stunning arrangement with a graceful, horizontal design. An outstanding choice for home or…

  • Distinguished Delphinium

    From: $229.95

    This bundle of blue delphinium towers above yellow miniature callas resting below. Makes a bright, bold statement for an office…

  • Spring Favorites

    From: $62.95

    With beautiful blossoms like this, is it any wonder that spring is the favorite season of so many? Amazing colors,…


  • Classic Spring Bouquet

    From: $169.95

    If you want to make quite an impression, this bouquet with its gorgeous pink and blue flowers, and footed container,…

  • Country Basket Blooms

    From: $57.95

    Talk about a bountiful basket! This wicker basket is overflowing with beauty and blossoms. It's no wonder two pretty butterflies…

  • Everlasting Lavender

    From: $47.95

    Does someone you know love the color purple? Send them this enchanting gift of fresh flowers in royal hues of…

  • Sunny Smiles

    From: $39.95

    What better gift to send someone than a sunny smile? Think how much that sentiment delivered in the form of…

  • Spring Mist

    From: $92.95

    As fresh and pretty as a misty spring rain, this lovely bouquet of roses and tulips in gentle tints of…

  • Sunny Siesta

    From: $52.95

    Know someone who could use a little pick-me-up? Sending this pretty summer arrangement will definitely do the trick.Light orange roses…

  • Serenity Orchids

    From: $87.95

    For a gift of absolute serenity and joy, this simple vase of pure white dendrobium orchids is a study in…

  • Strikingly Chic

    From: $72.95

    An eye-catching display of blossoms in sizzling hues of hot pink, fiery orange and sunshine yellow is arranged in a…

  • FTD® Get Well Bouquet

    From: $49.99


  • Ruby Rapture Bouquet

    From: $49.95

    Enrapture your paramour with this dramatic display of red and lavender roses. This bouquet is arranged in a red, mirrored…

  • Your Majesty

    From: $202.95

    This stunning tropical bouquet really is fit for a queen. It's an elegant mix of vibrant flowers set in a…

  • Yellow Garden Rows

    From: $124.95

    These yellow flowers, expressing their warmth at several elevations, will also show off your elevated sense of style. Perfect for…

  • Blues for You

    From: $44.95

    Missing someone? Let them know just how much with this stunning arrangement of blue and purple blooms. Purple and blue…

  • Roses on the Rocks

    From: $64.95

    Like a bottle of champagne on ice, the mixed pink roses and white lisianthus in our Roses on the Rocks…

  • Pleased As Punch Bouquet

    From: $59.95

    Like a glass of party punch, this juicy bouquet of bold pink, yellow and purple flowers will refresh and revitalize…

  • 1 Dozen Red Roses


      One Dozen Long Stemmed Red Roses with Greenery

  • Madly in Love Bouquet with Red Roses

    From: $62.95

    If you're crazy about someone and not afraid to show it, this bright jewel-toned arrangement is the perfect way to…

  • Pinot Noir

    From: $82.95

    The lush beauty of a vineyard garden is captured in this exquisite bouquet of roses, orchids, mixed blossoms and grapes,…

  • This Magic Moment

    From: $57.95

    It will be a magic moment when this divine bowl of pastel roses is hand-delivered to someone special. Perfect for…